Associazione Sangha Onlus

In order to transmit and preserve the Buddhist monastic discipline, the role of Associazione Sangha Onlus is to provide monasteries and places of religious practice, in which the members can cultivate their own spiritual knowledge and experience, either through attending teachings and personal study, or by participating in individual or group meditation practice and retreat. The Associazione Sangha Onlus is also concerned with social activities in the field of protection of civil rights, and will perform educational and cultural activities in accordance with the present law regarding voluntary associations.

Amongst others, it proposes to:

  • Promote the development of human solidarity through voluntary activities and the dissemination of the principles of spiritual life for the benefit of each and every individual
  • Publish texts, books and magazines
  • Build stupas, statues, produce thangkas and sacred objects
  • Organize pilgrimages
  • Open affiliated branches in Italy and abroad
  • Run a “long distance adoption” program
  • Contribute towards the preservation and development of the traditional artistic and cultural traditions of Buddhist countries
  • Preserve and defend, through material and moral support, the religious values and civil rights in Buddhist countries – such as Tibet having undergone invasion, or minorities of Buddhist faith who suffer discrimination in their own country – to give them the freedom to recognize their own spiritual identity
  • To be a spiritual point of reference and support for the integration of non-Europeans of Buddhist faith who are welcomed in Italy
  • Promote collaboration with other humanitarian, cultural and religious bodies, and initiatives that support peace, religious freedom, human rights and environmental issues
  • Organise conferences, seminars, cultural and artistic exhibitions, meetings, debates, and study programs to deepen understanding of Buddhist teachings in order to help human beings spiritual growth. Through the search for a common ideal of universal fellowship to contribute to a cultural and spiritual integration among nations
  • Promote interaction, exchange and collaboration with other Buddhist monasteries in the world in order to sustain, integrate and deepen knowledge
  • Collaborate with and/or create hospices caring for the sick, terminally ill and the elderly
  • Emphasising the usage of natural medicine and phytotherapy, the Association will promote research in collaboration with the Department of Tibetan Medicine

The Association cannot perform activities other than those indicated above, with the exception of those that are closely connected with them, or those accessory to the statutory activities since they are part of those above and for the support of the Association. This is a non-profit organization and is of unlimited duration.