Recitation of the Sutra of Golden Light

12-05-2016 3:00 pm - 12-05-2016 4:00 pm
Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa
Iltk, Santa Luce, Province of Pisa, Italy

Anybody who wants peace in the world should read the Golden Light Sutra (Ser.ö dam.päi do wang.gyi gyälpo). This is a very important practice to stop violence and wars in the world. The Golden Light Sutra is one of the most beneficial ways to bring peace. This is something that everyone can do, no matter how busy you are, even if you can read one page a day, or a few lines, and in this way be continually reading the Golden Light Sutra.

The holy Golden Light Sutra is the king of the sutras. It is extremely powerful and fulfills all one’s wishes, as well as brings peace and happiness for all sentient beings, up to enlightenment. It is also extremely powerful for world peace, for your own protection, and for the protection of the country and the world. Also, it has great healing power for people in the country.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche