Nyung Nä Retreat

28-08-2016 - 10-09-2016 All day
Kalachakra Kalapa Retreat Center
Garanas 41 8541 Schwanberg Südweststeiermark Austria

A powerful and intensive purification practice with fasting, prostrations, meditation and recitations (in English), which strengthens and expands our compassion and wisdom. A Nyung Nä unit takes two and a half days. All participants begin the retreat together with one Nyung Nä session. After that you decide yourself if you want to do one, two or up to five units.  With Ani Tsultrim (Ruth Hofer).

Sunday, 28 August – Saturday, 10 September 2016

Start:28 August. Please arrive by 15:00.
16:00 altar construction and explanations

You can take part in one or up to six units.

  • One unit: 28 August  31 August
  • Two units: 28 August  2 September
  • Three units: 28 August  4 September
  • Four units: 28 August  6 September
  • Five units: 28 August  8 September
  • Six units: 28 August  10 September