Discovering Buddhism n°8 All about Karma

25-06-2016 3:00 pm - 26-06-2016 1:00 pm
Centro Buddhista Muni Gyana
Via del Parlamento N. 31, Palermo, 90133 Province of Palermo, Italia


Ven. Olivier Rossi – Discovering Buddhism –  All about Karma

The mind as a creator: all about karma

The various worlds are produced from actions.Vasubandhu

According to Buddhism, all of our experiences, both good ones and those unpleasant, depend on our karma, or by our actions, which are carried out on the basis of our mental states. Through awareness and understanding of this process we can learn to live in a more peaceful and avoid creating more suffering for the future. We will look at various aspects of karma relying on classical Buddhist texts, and consider how to apply these teachings in everyday life.

By allowing everything we see to remind us that the law of cause and effect governs every change, every change has a definite reason, we understand karma gradually. We stop believing that our experiences reach us ready, like instant coffee. The sensitivity to the constant state of flux of our nervous system will become more acute if we perceive that our minds and our bodies are constantly changing. When inside us it will sort a deep understanding of cause and effect, and when we will see that every single action has a certain result, we understand how important it is to be conscientious about everything we do. Awareness of karma gives us a spontaneous awareness of our behavior.
Lama Thubten Yeshe